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With over 800 million unique users visiting YouTube each month, video has become one of the most searched for items on the internet. People love watching video, and with 72 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s crucial to take advantage of video’s popularity if you’re in marketing, small business, or blogging.

Why You Should Use Video

Video has several clear advantages over text, especially improved user engagement and personable branding.

Improved User Engagement

Video watching is a fairly non-active experience. When people watch videos, they are asking to be given content in an integrated, multi-disciplinary form, rather than exploring the meaning themselves, as they would with text.
Video, therefore, is a different way of interacting with your audience. Much more can be communicated in a split second of video, than a reader could gather from the same time spent with text.

Personable Branding

Through video, you are able to communicate body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions—ultimately these characteristics communicate sincerity. For branding, this is extremely important, as it creates a sense of trust and loyalty, more so than through image, audio, and text.
Distilled wants everyone to be capable of creating and using effective marketing videos, which is why our team has created a video marketing guide, and we have released a sneak-peek just for SimplifyThis readers. Distilled wants our friends at SimplifyThis to have first access to this resource before it’s officially launched so you can implement video for your website in a more effective and successful way.

Click on the downloadable PDF guide below, and check out Distilled’s website for more resources and information.

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