What Do Your Customers Really Think?

It may seem common sense, but an organization should never underestimate the importance of listening to what their customers think.  If you don’t get it right, then your customers won’t be customers for much longer, so it pays to invest time and effort into taking on board their views.

Listen and learn

There are many different approaches you could try to get your customers’ opinions, depending on the size of your business and customer base.  But, if you want to get some widespread views, in a cost-effective and efficient manner then it’s worth considering doing a customer survey.

Our high-tech world means that customer surveys are able to deliver far more than they could in the past.  An IT development company can develop and design a sophisticated survey with an intuitive interface to enable you to gather the information you want from your customers, analyse it, and use it to your best advantage.

Know what you want to ask

Ask the right questions and do so in an easy and straight-forward manner.  Lengthy questions in a customer survey could put a respondent off finishing it, or worse, cause them to leave any old answer just to get past the question. With this in mind, try to be precise and focused on what you want to achieve.

Give your customers the opportunity to feedback on how you could do better or what else they would like to buy from you.  Don’t forget to reach out to potential customers, as well – those people who may have inquired about your products but never got as far as the purchase stage: your market is probably much wider than you think.

You may even want to consider what your employees think, too.  Finding out their opinions is a valuable exercise to determine the health of the internal working environment and what changes could be implemented to improve upon this.


Even with the most bespoke customer survey, it needs to be as timely as possible in order to elicit the best response.  There’s no point sending out a survey to someone who bought your services or products months ago.  Aim to do it soon after their purchase, whilst you’re still fresh in their mind.

Listen and react

So now that you know what your customers think of you, what are you going to do with all this data?  If your customer base runs into thousands, then you might want to employ the services of an IT development company to interpret and analyse the information and turn it into statistical data rather than trying to do it yourself.

Don’t sit on your laurels though.  Listen and react to what your customers say.  You may find a common theme of opinions that you hadn’t been aware of before.  Consider what changes you could implement and how you can use the information you have gained to improve your organization further.  There’s so much you can learn.

But, don’t forget that we live in a changing environment so this isn’t a one-off exercise.  The advantage of using a customer survey is that it can be repeated again in the future, with little modification required.


Article by guest author Amy Fowler on behalf of Xibis; an IT development company specializing in customer surveys.

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