Twitter's crash-course on…Twitter

Has anyone heard of “Twitter?”

Gotcha! That’s not even a real question anymore…it’s a sandwich, right (i.e. McTwitter)?

The more important concept for this blog and its readers is Twitter as it applies to business. We’re launching our social media marketing strategy and, as mentioned in one of our earlier posts, you’re coming along for the ride. What’s the first step for smbiz in our position? Learn how to use Twitter appropriately

for your business.

As a recent college graduate, I’m slowly learning to shift from barely using Twitter socially, to tweeting as a marketing tool. Some companies (@DellOutlet) have a new revenue source by offering discounts exclusively to its followers on Twitter. Others (@bananarchy_atx) drop promotional hints leading up to a special event, to create suspense and build an interested audience.

But it’s not only about revenue. Many smbiz build successful relationships with customers through constructive dialogue, two-way feedback and honest communication (see: Twitter case studies). Learn how to engage your customer in an appropriate manner. It could take some time but don’t let yourself get twitterpated. Take risks that work for your company and let your customers help turn your Twitter failures into successes!

Again, learn how to use Twitter correctly. Good news: it’s not too late. Twitter101

is a short, business-friendly course on how to make that blue bird tweet for you.

By the way, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Abhinav (uh-bee-nuv) and I’m the new chief marketer for Simplifythis. I’m still not sold on this “Internet” thing so if you have any tips/useful tools, as well as comments/concerns/lawsuits, let me know!

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