Why Multitasking Is Bad for Your Small Business

One too many things on your plate?



Are you a fierce multitasker? Can you manage to do several things at once? While this ability might seem like a good technique for effectively accomplishing daily assignments, multitasking can actually be a cause for delay. How? The process of doing multiple things at once may not bring excellent results for all the projects that you are trying to juggle at the same time. Still not convinced? Let me sway you a bit more.

Multitasking and Small Businesses

Any start-up or micro business entrepreneur dreams of succeeding in their ventures. They have their own unique goals and objectives in mind. It is normal for them to wish for big things for their business. Because of their desire to achieve instant success, they end up trying to do more than they can handle. They try to execute and operate lots of business matters at once.

The problem with this mentality is that in the course of doing multiple things at once, you end up forgetting to do important matters or finishing half them off “half baked.” The result is the need to do some projects again or suffering the consequences of a potentially failed venture. Here are some tips to help you curb that multitasking tendency and regain your focus to finishing tasks efficiently and successfully:

  1. Make a list of your daily projects focusing on major ones first: Always prioritize major or significant tasks when making a list of your daily projects. This way, you can get these important things done as soon as possible and move on to the non-urgent or less important ones.
  2. Learn to delegate big projects: Instead of trying to do all things by yourself, learn the art of task delegation and assign them to your team. Set a reasonable but specific goal so you can effectively do follow-ups for them. This way, you will avoid the tendency of having to juggle everything by your own.
  3. Avoid incorporating or injecting small tasks every now and then: Resist the urge to occasionally send text messages, answer calls, check emails, and do social media stuff when working on a project. These small tasks may seem insignificant, but they can prevent you from keeping your focus in your current project. Set a separate time for these minor tasks.
  4. Take your breaks as scheduled: Make sure to take some time off for yourself too. You won’t be able to work well if you are tired or hungry already. Make the most out of your break time so when you get back from break time, you’ll be refreshed and ready to take on the project again.

These tips will surely help you become an efficient worker that can provide excellent and exceptional work. Forget doing multitasking. Strive to do focused and targeted work that can help drive your business to success. Do you think you can take up on this challenge?


Niña Angeli Pilapil is expert in promotional ideas and a writer who loves reading books and novels. She works for Promoppedler, a promotional products company. Visit her Twitter page at http://twitter.com/ninsbonita.


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