Living up to our promise of bringing to you our pick of industry-specific business blogs, here’s the best of for yoga studios, massage therapists, and freelance writers. While selecting them, we didn’t look for general blogs in the respective domains, but only on those whose niche audience is the owners of the small businesses.

Yoga studio business blogs

: Guides yoga studio owners on insurance, liability law, how to use technology to enhance yoga business, and tips on how to write articles for online marketing. It also brings home the point that a yoga studio may be something you’re passionate about, but it still needs to be run like a business.

: You can send in your questions on anything related to running yoga studios ranging from how to collect payments through credit cards to basic tips on how to start a studio. The blog is more like a video newsletter and has some common-sense business tips for yoga teachers.

: Minimalistic design, useful tips, even some marketing yoga lessons from The Devil Wears Prada!

Massage therapist business blogs

: It’s not simply a mechanical skill that makes a great masseuse, but the ability to be conscious of your client’s moods and, sometimes, to be not affected by them. That’s one of the insightful articles on this blog.

: ‘The wealthy massage therapist’ talks to you about managing massage franchisees, cash flow, and offers links to massage jobs.

Business blogs for freelance writers:

: It does have all the usual stuff that you’d expect to find on a blog for writers, like how to write keyword-friendly articles, but it also has some out-of-the-box articles like avoiding writer burnout, how should a freelancer dress, and more.

: This blog is by a published author and has some serious tips for freelance writers who want to make it big. It’s slightly more inclined towards business writing and is generously loaded with articles on how to write case studies and white papers, time management, and the like.

: Not strictly a business blog, yet visit it for some no-nonsense viewpoints on why writers should keep weekends work-free, how to set an hourly  rate for their service, etc.

We hope you liked these, and, again, if there are more business blogs out there that you like in these domains that we have not covered, please drop us a line.

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