Business Peaks and Business Valleys

When January 1st comes around, I avoid the gym at all costs.  Even though my New Year’s resolution usually includes living a healthier lifestyle, I know that millions of other Americans have also made this goal and are determined to start the year off right (which usually means, joining a gym).  As a gym member year around, I have found certain hours during the day when the gym is not crowded.  There is nothing worse then getting to the gym only to have to wait for a treadmill to be available, or dodge heavy lifters.  And you can almost guarantee hordes of people will be at the gym during the month of January.  But what’s bad for me, is great for the fitness industry.

The beginning of the year means an influx in business for gyms, personal trainers, yoga instructors and other professionals in the industry.  But as a small business owner in the fitness industry, you know that not everyone will maintain the motivation and mentality they had at the beginning of the year, when resolutions are still fresh.  In fact, you can almost guarantee that a large percentage of clients will dwindle in attendance over the next eleven months, and business will go down.

Most industries have a season that their business peaks –  The retail industry thrives around the holidays, ski resorts get swarmed in the winter months, and for a house painter, the summer is a prime time.  But with the peaks also come the valleys.  And it is imperative to plan for the slow months of your business, in order to maintain consistency and build a great business year around. So what can you do year round to keep your business healthy?   Click here to read an article providing three great tips to running a business year round through all the peaks and valleys!

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