Credit for missed lessons

It is always good to know the way people are using SimplifyThis. A couple of days after releasing auto-billing feature, I got a call from a music teacher asking about the best way to handle credits with automated billing. She is an music teacher and she bills her students in advance for monthly tuition. This part is simple as she can just setup a monthly auto-bill schedule for her students. The complication comes from her generosity. Unlike many others, she gives credit for missed and cancelled lessons. She wanted to know if there is any way to include these credits in the following month’s invoice while still using the auto-bill schedule.

There is an easy way to handle such credits with SimplifyThis. All she needed to do was to select “include unbilled charges” in the auto-bill schedule. Whenever she needs to issue a credit, she would enter a credit in the unbilled charge section. The next invoice created by auto-bill will automatically pick these credits and apply it to the invoice.

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