FAQ on Packages

As the title suggests, here are some frequently asked (and some anticipated) questions about packages along with their answers.

  1. How do I sell Packages?
    You can add a ‘Buy Now’ button for a package on your website.  Your clients can then click on this button to buy the package.  You can get the code for the button by clicking on a package and then selecting the  ‘Generate Buy Button’ option.  You can also directly sell the package by clicking on package and selecting ‘Add Subscription’ option.  This will open up a form where you can select the client to sell the package to and optionally create a charge for the package in order to invoice the client for the package.
  2. Why does the appointment scheduling page not show a list of packages?
    We have purposefully chosen not to show the packages in front of appointment scheduling page because it could be confusing to your clients.  However,  you have the option to show them the packages and have them purchase one during the booking process itself after they have selected a time slot.   Simplifythis will only show the packages that have the item/class that the client is booking.  This gives you a good up-sell opportunity.
  3. I only take booking from prepaid packages. How do I set it up?
    To require your clients to book from packages only, go to ‘Settings’->’Appointment Preferences’->’Rules for Website Appointments’ and select the option to require clients to book from packages only. If this option is selected, Simplifythis will require your clients to either select an already purchased package, or to buy a new package.  Please ensure that you do have active packages that include all items/classes you take appointments for.  Otherwise, your clients will not be able to book them.
  4. My client is getting an error indicating that there are no packages available to book.  What am I doing wrong?
    What is happening is that you are requiring your clients to book using package only.  However, you don’t have a package to sell that contains the service/class s/he is trying  to book.
  5. I have created a seasonal package and I want to stop selling it after two weeks.  What do I need to do?
    All you need to do is edit the package and adjust the ‘Sale Ends’ date.  The package will not be available for sale after that.  Do not forget to remove the ‘Buy Now’ button for this package if you have one your website.
  6. I have an insanely priced package, but I want to sell only 100 units of the package.  How should I configure it?
    Unfortunately this feature is not available now. However, you can track how many units are sold and then deactivate the package once it reaches 100.  
  7. How do I count a previously booked appointment towards a newly purchased package?
    Select the package that you want to use, locate the account name in purchase history, and then click on ‘View Usage’.  Here you’ll see a link to ‘Add Usage’.  Clicking on this link  will let you select the contact and the appointment/class that you want to add to the package usage. Once you click on ‘Save’, the class/appointment will be added to package usage and will be mark as charged.
  8. How do I bill my client for a package?
    While selling the package to a client, select the option to ‘Create a charge’.  This will automatically create an unbilled charge to the account.  Then you can invoice the account.
  9. Why can I not charge an appointment/class that has been booked using a package?
    Once a class/appointment is booked using a package, the client has already paid for it by buying the package.  So there is no reason to charge for that class/appointment again. 
  10. I still have some questions that is not answered here.  What do I do?
    Drop us a note at support@simplifythis.com and we’ll be happy to answer  your questions.

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