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Free is a good price tag; especially when the free item can help you grow business.  What am I referring to, your bargain loving mind may ask?  Google Optimization of course.  In our last blog we talked about the importance of having a great website and touched a little bit on Search Engine Optimization.  But in the spirit of being thrifty and utilizing free tools, I wanted to divulge a bit more about a free way to gain business, in the search engine arena.

Google is the top search site online.  In fact, according to, Google accounted for 44.5% of all online sales in 2009.  This number in comparison to Yahoo’s search site accounting for only 17% shows just how powerful Google is.  This is why you should start with Google’s free optimization guidelines and tools first, when optimizing your web site.

Google has high standards.  One reason they are the top search engine site is because of these standards.  Google strives to showcase the best sites possible that are most relevant to peoples’ searches.  So how do you make sure that your site comes up as one of the best?  There are guidelines for building the best optimized site for Google in their Webmaster Tools manual.  You can find this information online.  Google changes their policies a lot to make sure they are maintaining the highest standards, so make sure you frequently check for updates.   Some main things to remember when optimizing for Google are that it likes keywords.  Google indexes sites based on popular searches.  So make sure you use these keywords in headlines, code, and descriptions.  Google also like when other domain names link to your site.  So if you can get other relevant sites to link to you, it will boost your rankings.  However, Google also has things that it does not like, too.  Do not use hidden text or irrelevant keywords that may be popular, but have nothing to do with your website.  If Google sees that you are doing this, it will ban you from their search engine for an extended period of time, which can be devastating to your business.

Search Engine Optimization can seem like an overwhelming task.  But, it is an important one to tackle.  And you have a great starting place with Google Optimization that is completely free.

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