Loans For Hire

Stimulating the economy – it is a constant topic in Washington D.C.  Everyone is trying to strategize the best way to grow the U.S. economy in the midst of a recession.  And today on the radio, I heard an interesting advertisement from JP Morgan Chase that is offering its own unique solution – Loan for Hire.

Loan for Hire is a brand new promotion aimed at the small business owner.  When your small business gets approved for a new loan, Chase will take off a half-point rate discount for each new employee that you hire, up to 3 employees.  They are also cross-selling their services by offering another half-point on top of that if you have a business checking account with them.  All together, your small business may be able to save 2% off your loan rates, all in the name of growing and hiring employees.

This is an interesting promotion, because it is positioning a big bank (which has been under scrutiny in the past year or so) as a helpful partner that cares about small businesses and wants to help you succeed and grow.  The promotion features a series of videos explaining the details of the promotion, as well and the importance of hiring employees to build a healthier business and therefore a healthier economy.  One of the more interesting videos is the testimonials of real businesses that bank with Chase, sharing their stories of how they have benefitted from getting a loan from the institution (watch the video by clicking here).  Other features of this promotional page include tips for succeeding in our current economy, and how to hire the right people.

So if you are thinking about potentially getting a loan for your small business or hiring more employees, check out this Chase promotion, as see if it is a good fit for you.

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