Music and Exercise: a Partnership

Since the introduction of aerobic dance in the early 1970’s, a relationship between music and exercise has blossomed. Many health and fitness instructors regard the addition of music to exercise a beneficial aid. Some even say that without appropriate music an exercise class is set for failure. We all love listening to music to get us in that “zone”. The right beat or tune can set the atmosphere whether that is upbeat and intensive or meditative and relaxing.

People are constantly on the lookout for new music to keep them going and to help them finish that one extra mile.  As an instructor it is your job to make up the perfect music playlist.

The best way to pick the right playlist is to find out what works for you. Portable mp3 players make it easy to access your entire music catalog anywhere and at any time.

Here’s a look at some of the latest and greatest in mp3 players.

Apple makes the most popular family of mp3 players. iPods  have been dominating the market since its creation but the following brands are giving the one-size-fits-all- iPod stiff competition as they have created digital music players as unique as your workout.

 The New Ryobi MP3 Player

Take the new Ryobi TEK4 AllPlay Jobsite MP3 Player for example. Created by the hardware tool manufacturer, the rugged player is made for tough conditions. Withstanding dirt, water and the occasional drop on the ground, this player is perfect for mountain bikers, trail runners and extreme sport athletes.

The Finis SwiMP3.1G

Have you ever wished for the company of music while swimming laps? Well, now you can. The Finis SwiMP3.1G allows you to take 1G worth of music (approximately 240 songs) under water. The complete waterproof player attaches to your swim goggles and sits on your cheek bone. Bone conduction technology sends vibrations from cheekbone to inner ear, allowing your ears to stay headphone-free so that it won’t affect your stroke.

Sony MP3 Player

Whether you’re running, spinning or doing yoga, getting tangled with your headphone cords seems unavoidable. The new Sony W Series NWZ-W252 prevents this by taking away the cord all together.  The wearable player combines the players and headphone and wraps comfortably around your neck. Plus it’s lightweight and water resistance – perfect for rainy Fall weather.

So load up your music library and find those perfect tracks to take your workout session to another level. Plug the player into a set of speakers and you’re ready to share them with your clients.

TIP: Posting a regular workout playlist on your blog or website is a good way to draw people to your site and have the return on a regular basis. More traffic = more business.

The Finis SwiMP3.1G

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