Retroactively using a Package

“How do I schedule a person for a package of three when they have already had one session of that three session package? How do i convert one session that is already past to a multi-session package?”

Among others, this is the question I got in mail which I thought I should make a quick post about, as it is not very obvious. I am sure this situation frequently arises with many of the businesses.  All you need to do is

(i) Select the package and click on 'Edit' icon.

(ii) Click on 'Sales History' tab to see the list of client

s who have bought this package.

(iii) Then from the 'Action' column, click on the icon to 'View History'.  This will show all the usage of the package by that client.  In the same form, you'll notice a list of unpaid appointments/classes scheduled by this client but have not been marked against the package use.  Click on  'Add Usage' which will let you add the appointment/class that you want to use the package for retroactively.

I understand that it is cumbersome.  We'll look into streamlining this soon.


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