The Modern Business Card

We have talked a lot about modern marketing techniques on this blog. We touched on social media, iPhone apps and websites but today I’m going to talk about the old business card.

Do people still use them? Are they helpful? Should I, as a small business owner, even bother ordering them when I have a successful website?

These are all valid questions with varying answers depending on who you ask.

Most business owners still feel a flush of pride when they gaze on their new business cards. That small piece of paper represents years of hard work, planning and dreams.

Unfortunately, for many people that piece of paper is just another piece of trash, an outdated piece of advertisement.  But even in this technology-driven age, a well-created business card can be a good marketing tool.

Below are a few reasons why you should retain the usage of business cards:

1. Your card is a physical link to a potential customer or client.

When you’re promoting your business verbally and encourage people to look you up on the web, a business card is a great way to ensure that people will remember your website address. Instead of just saying “look me up at” you can give them a card that has the address on it.

2. Your card ensures that the recipient has the correct info.

How annoying is receiving a “delivery failed” email or reaching the wrong number because you jotted it down incorrectly. A business card prevents this.

3. Your card can be passed from one person to the next

Worth of mouth is still one of the best forms of advertisement. Handing out your business cards to friends, family, colleagues and clients gives them the tools to refer you to someone else.

4) Credibility.

Giving someone your card means that you’re serious about your job and your business. It makes it real. It makes it credible.

The Business Card: Updated

In today’s market, less is more. The best business cards are often the most simplistic ones. Your business card should state your name, phone number, email address, website address and social media links. That’s it. The business postal address is negotiable. The main purpose of the business card today is to send people to your website. A good website will do the rest.  A good website will spark the potential client or customer’s interest, inform them and gives them directions to your business address – it’s a pamphlet and business card in one.

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