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Welcome to SimplifyThis announcements page. At SimplifyThis, we are constantly adding new features and improving the quality of existing features. You can catch-up on what is new with the application here.

December 31, 2007
New Feature: Fully customize your invoice.
Now you can fully customize and design your invoices, including providing your own labels, choosing the fields that you want, and removing the ones that are not pertinent to you. Your invoices do not need to confirm to a particular generic type any more. You can decide to keep only the pertinent fields on your invoice and remove the ones that are not relevant to your business. In addition, you can also change the name of labels if your business so requires.
In order to provide invoice customization capability, we had to make certain changes to the way SimplifyThis was creating invoices. You will notice the following changes.
  1. Settings page no longer has a choice of invoice style. Instead, you can pick a color for your invoice. We have already pre-populated the color setting of your invoices according to the color of your selected invoice style.
  2. The tax label is no longer needed. Instead, for each of the accounts that had modified tax label, we have pre-customized the invoice with the tax label that you had specified.
  3. While your customers will continue to get invoices in HTML with a pdf attachment, you will need to have Acrobat PDF reader installed in order to view your invoices. This will also allow you to save pdf copies of your invoices on your computer.
We hope that you like these changes. Going forward, we shall add more pre-defined invoice types for various industries. If you have any suggestion for an invoice type, please do let us know.

December 5, 2007
New Feature: Accept online payments using Amazon Flexible Payments Service.
SimplifyThis now offers you more choices for accepting online payments. In addition to Paypal and credit cards, your customers can now pay you online using their Amazon account. They can use credit card, bank account, or direct transfer from their Amazon account to pay you using Amazon Payment Services.
You can learn more about Amazon Payment Service by clicking here.
Please note that you will also need to have an Amazon account and you will need to configure it with SimplifyThis in order to accept payments using this service.

November 14, 2007
New Feature: Track and Invoice your Basecamp Projects
Do you manage projects and tasks using Basecamp, and have been wondering how to invoice your cusotmers for these projects efficiently? SimplifyThis now integrates with Basecamp so that you can easily invoice customers for your Projects and To-Do's. In addition, you can add time entries from Basecamp as well as SimplifyThis. Integration with Basecamp allows you to:
  • Invoice Basecamp projects and to-dos using SimplifyThis, without having to enter them twice.
  • Enter time for Basecamp projects and tasks from SimplifyThis, and using SimplifyThis project gadget on iGoogle.
  • Track time spent on projects and tasks from both SimplifyThis as well as Basecamp.
If you are not familiar with Basecamp, and are looking for a great project management application, you can learn more about it here.

November 4, 2007
New Feature: Price Quotes
Today we are happy to announce the availability of "Estimate/Quote" feature. Just like invoices, now you can send price quotes and accept cash advance against these quotes. With the availability of this feature, you can:
  • Create and send price quotes just like you send invoices
  • Convert quotes to invoices
  • Modify quotes while converting them to invoice
  • View quotes at the same place as other customer activities like invoices and payments
Please note that the quotes are counted towards your plan's monthly limit of invoices. However, if you convert a quote to an invoice, that invoice is not not counted again.

September 26, 2007
New Feature: Project and Time Tracking
Many of you have told us that you needed a simple way to track the time that you spend on customer projects and then invoice your customers for time spent. Well, you have it now.
Key Features
  • Track time spent on tasks and projects
  • Organize projects into individual tasks
  • Add time to tasks with on click
  • Charge projects and tasks with one click
September 12, 2007
New and Improved Preferences and Settings Page
While doing integration with other service providers, we realized that we did not have enough room in Settings area to manage partner credentials and settings. Therefore, we have updated the settings page and in the process, hopefully also improved its usability. In addition, this update also includes minor bug fixes in printing.

August 15, 2007:
Get Referrals and Manage Leads
Now your customers can easily refer your business to their friends and family, and allow you to track these referrals. You can optionally add a link to invoices that your customers can click on to refer your business to their friends and family. They can also choose to send you these email addresses for tracking purposes.

In addition, when you log-on to your account, you'll notice a new section called Leads and Referrals. This is where you can track and manage your leads. Moreover, if your customers choose to you send you the email addresses of the persons to whom they have referred your business to, they will automatically be added in the Leads section.

August 10, 2007:
Printing Improvements and Other Invoice Changes
Many of you have expressed the need to print invoices. While SimplifyThis had printing capability, it was not really of the quality that you expect from SimplifyThis. We have been working for some time to make printed invoices look professional. Today, we have updated the application with better print capability. From now on when you print invoices, they will be properly formatted with appropriate page breaks.
In this update, we are also making two minor changes in invoice:
(i) Invoices will no longer add "Please make all checks Payable to" note. Some of you told us that you would rather add payment instructions yourself. You could do so in the bottom note area.
(ii) Invoices will now include customer's contact name as well as business name, if there is one.

July 22, 2007:
Affiliate Program Launches
If you use SimplifyThis and are happy with it, we would appreciate if you can tell your friends about it. You will help them with the best invoicing application they could find, help us in spreading the word about SimplifyThis, and help yourself by getting a generous revenue share as a token of appreciation from us. Read more about our affiliates program by clicking here.

July 13, 2007:
Invoices Include .pdf Attachments
We have added the capability to include pdf attachments in invoices. From now onwards, whenever you send invoices, they will automatically include a pdf attachment. We do not provide the capability to convert the invoices that you have already sent to pdf.

June 23, 2007: goes Live invoicing is now available on a monthly subscription basis. Nearly 3 months ago, we unveiled invoicing publicly and made it available as a free trial. Today we officially end this trial period, and have moved to a paid subscription model, including option for a free subscription plan. For those of you who have been using SimplifyThis during the trial period, we'll provide an additional 6 months of free service as a token of our appreciation.
We have incorporated several of your feedbacks and fixed many bugs identified during the trial period. You will notice the improvements as you use the service. For In addition to these improvements, you would also notice the addition of Auto-Bill feature. If you send periodic invoices (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, or every specified number of days) to your customers, you can just set them up on Auto-Bill. SimplifyThis will automatically send them invoices at the end of every billing cycle. Auto-billing feature also provides the option where if your customer incurs other additional charges during the billing cycle, they will automatically be picked up by next automated invoice. Learn more about auto-billing by clicking here.

March 29, 2007:
SimplifyThis Invoicing Available for Free Trial
SimplifyThis invites beta enthusiasts and early adopters for trial use of invoicing services.
Why trial?
We strongly believe in a user centric design and want to get some valuable user feedback before we put out the service in the market for general use. While we are still in the process of adding some features and fixing bugs, we think that the application is ready for limited use. We hope that during the trial phase, we shall be able to get the feedback from early adopters and technology enthusiasts and incorporate them into the application.
What features are available in the trial version?
Most of the major features are already available in the trial version of the application. Using this version you can:
  • Create professional invoices and send them over email.
  • Record charges and bill them later
  • Accept payments online using PayPal or Authorize.Net.
  • Put your own logo on invoices and payment website.
  • Easily track your invoices and payments on a per customer basis.
  • Set customer specific pricing.
  • Apply line item and invoice level discounts.
  • Apply overpayment to new invoices.
  • Automatically invoice your clients on a periodic basis.
We are working on many other exciting features. As we complete these features, we shall incorporate them into the trial service.
How long will the trial last?
We do not have a firm date for end of trial yet. The duration of the trial period will primarily depend upon the feedback from the user community. As soon as we decide on a firm date for ending the trial, we shall notify our users.
Will I be able to use the application after the trial period?
Upon successful completion of trial period, we intend to make the invoicing service available as one or more subscription plans, ranging from free to paid. If you sign-up for one of the subscription plans, your data will automatically be carried over. Should you choose not to sign-up for a subscription plan, your data can be sent to you in a standard electronic format upon request.
How much will the service cost after the trial?
At this time, we have not yet finalized the number or cost of subscription plans that will be available after the trial period is over.
What browsers are supported during trial?
We have tested the service with IE 6.0, IE 7.0, and with FireFox 2.0. We do realize that the user experience is not optimal in FireFox and are working towards fixing it.
Will SimplifyThis be updating the service while it is in trial?
SimplifyThis team is working to complete several exciting features that will the invoicing server even more useful and easy to use. As we complete a feature, we shall update the service to make the feature available to our users.
Is support available during free trial?
While SimplifyThis crew is busy fixing kinks and incorporating feedbacks, they are able to provide limited email support to trial participants. Please contact for your questions.
How do I report bugs and issues?
Please report bugs or make feature requests to
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