Billing Clients

Now that you have appointments and bookings, you need to charge your clients and get paid.  Reading this article will give you an understanding of how billing for items and services, payments, and reconciliation of charges and payments work within Simplifythis.

Let’s look at some of the key concepts first:

Client Account

Simplifythis keeps track of all charges and payments for each client in a separate client account. The payments are not tied ot individual appointments, but rather to the client account.  This gives you the flexibility to take a single payment for multiple appointments.  In addition, When you view a client account, it gives you a snap shot of all the invoices and payments posted on the client account. This DOES NOT include appointments or classes that you have not charged, or the pre-payments that you have collected but not applied to the client account.  All the account statistics that you see here (Totol Due, over due, YTD Sales etc..) only count the invoices that you have created or the payments that you have applied to this client’s account.

Unbilled Charges

Unbilled-charges are all the pending items that you have not yet billed your client for.  These could be appointments or classes that have been charged (but not yet billed/invoiced), or other items and services that you need to bill your clients for.  Whenever you invoice a client, all the unbilled-charges automatically show up on the invoice.  Whenever you charge an appointment or a class, an unbilled-charge is automatically created for the client.

Next, let’s go through the process of billing the clients for appointments and taking payments.

Billing and Payment for Appointments and Classes


Billing for online appointment to clients

Billing an appointment and taking payment


Please take a moment to look at the diagram above to get an understanding of the different steps involved in billing for an appointment and taking payments.

 How do I bill my client for an appointment/class and take payment?

Whenever you need to bill your client and take payment for an appointment or a class, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Charge the appointment.  This will create an unbilled charge. You can see the charge in Unbilled Charges section.
  2. Go to Contact , select the contact and click on Invoice icon.  This will open up an invoice form which will include the charge that you just created and any other previous charge that you had not billed yet.
  3. If the client has made any pre-payment towards appointment/class, you can add the payment by clicking on Add Payment icon and selecting the pre-payment.
  4. If you want to email the invoice to the client,  click on Apply and Send. Otherwise, just click on Apply . The charges and payments will be applied to client’s account.
  5. Want  print the invoice ? Click on View Details icon, go to Accounts  tab, select the invoice and click on View icon.
How do I bill the client and take payment at the end of appointment?
  1. After charging the appointment and starting an invoice, add the payment directly on the invoice by clicking on Add Payment.
  2. Click on Apply  ( or Apply and Send to email invoice) to post the invoice and payment to client’s account.
  3. Optionally print the invoice and hand it off to the client.
I have taken a pre-payment.  How do I adjust for it?
  1. After starting the invoice, click on Add Payment which will show all the un-applied pre-payments made by this client.
  2. Select the relevant one and it will be added to the invoice and the total will be adjusted accordingly.
I need to bill the client for several appointments at a time. How do I do that?
  1. If you have not charged the appointments yet, or only charged some of them, you can click on Search icon below the date selector on the Appointment Book, select the customer from the search form, select Charge Status  as Not Charged and search for appointments.
  2. You’ll get a list of appointments for this customer that have not been charged.
  3.  Select all the appointments and click on the option to Invoice.  All the selected appointments will automatically be charged and an invoice form will open up; pre-populated with these charges. 
How do I bill the client for additional services/items for which there are no appointments?
  1. Go to Contact , select the contact and click on Invoice icon.  This will open up an invoice form which will include the charge that you just created and any other previous charge that you had not billed yet.
  2. Click on Add  icon at the top of charges.  This will open up an empty charge form.  Select the item that you want to bill the client for, enter the quantity and click on green tick on the right hand side to add the charge to the invoice.
A client booked an appointment and made a pre-payment.  Why is the pre-payment not reflected in client’s account balance?

Pre-payments made by a client are not directly applied to their account.  You can apply them at the time of invoicing for the appointment/class.

I charged an appointment. Why does it not reflect in client’s account balance?

Charges are not applied to the account unless they are invoiced.

I want to bill my clients monthly. Can Simplifythis automatically bill them for all the services?

Indeed.  All you need to do is create an auto-bill and select the option to include ‘Unbilled Charges’ in the auto-bill.   Make sure that you charge the appointments/classes that you want to bill for.

How do I make an appointment (or book class) and take pre-payment in person?

This feature is currently not available.

How do I keep client’s credit card number in file and automatically charge the card?

This feature is currently not available.







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