Parameters for Classes and Group Booking

This post gives you a list of all the parameters for a class, describing what they mean and how they are used in creating and managing classes. You can see these parameters in the class form, accessible by clicking on Classes->Classes->’+ Class’, or by editing a class.


  1. Class Name :  This name is visible  to your clients on the booking page where they see a list of classes.  You’ll also use this name to identify this class from the list of all your classes.
  2. Assign to Group : If you have created groups, you can select it here, or type a new name to create a new group. Groups are for display purposes only. While booking, your clients can first select a group, and then see the classes belonging to that group.
  3. Class Type (Course/Individual) : This is by far the most important parameter to understand when it comes to classes.  A Course is a set of classes (like a college course) that a client registers for and then attends all classes scheduled for that course.  An individual class is a stand-alone class (like a workshop, a drop in yoga class etc.).  An example could be a 1 hour yoga that happens 7 days of the week at several times during the day.  Your clients can book as many as they want to attend and pay for each of them separately.
  4. Description : You can use this field to give an elaborate discussion of the class.  You can choose to display the description on the booking page.
  5. Duration : This field denotes how long does the class go for.  In case of a course, this is the duration of each scheduled class within that course. In case of individual classes, it is the duration of each meetup.
  6. Staff Name : Select the staff you want to assign to this class.  Again, you can choose to display staff name on the booking page.
  7. Number of Seats : The capacity of the class, denoting the number of participants that can book the class.
  8. Fee : Fee for the class. In case of course, this is the fee for the whole course. For individual classes, this is the fee for each class.
  9. Booking Fee : The amount that the clients need to pay at the time of booking the class, either as a percentage of class fee or a fix amount.
  10. Booking Closes Before : Specify when the booking closes for this class, hours/days before or after the class starts. In case of courses, the booking close time is calculated based on the timing of the first class.  In case of individual classes, it is computed separately for each individual meetup of that class.

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