Contacts and Accounts

Contacts vs Accounts

All  Contacts belonging to a single family or an organization go to a single account.  This allows you to book appointments for individual contacts, while keeping the billing and payments at the account level. Thus, you can keep one account for the whole family and add all family members to that account.  If you provide pet services, you can keep an account for the family, and put individual pets within that account.

You can also have only one contact per account.  You don’t necessarily need to have multiple contacts within an account.

Account Name can be specified while adding a contact.  If  you don’t specify an account name, Simplifythis will automatically create one with the first name and last name of the contact.

Creating a New Account

Just click on ‘+ Contact’ button to add a new contact.  If you want to specify a name to the account, you can do so in the Account name field.  Otherwise the account name will automatically default to the first name + last name of the contact.

Adding a Contact to an Account

Click on ‘+ Contact’ and select the account to which you want to add this contact to in the Account Name field.

 Primary and Billing Contacts

When you have more than one contacts in your account, you can designate one of them to be primary, and another as billing.  Billing contact gets the invoices and statements.  There is no role for primary contact as yet.

Importing Contacts

New to Simplifythis and want to import contacts in bulk?  Click on ‘Import Contacts’ icon ( first icon after alphabets in the contact toolbar).  Download the CSV template and add rows of contact.  Then just upload the file to import them.  Please make sure that (i) You do not remove any columns from the template, and (ii) you provide at least first name, last name, and primary email address for each contact.

 Grouping Accounts


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I merge two accounts?
    All you need to do is select the account you want to merge, click on ‘More Actions’ link, and then click on ‘Merge’.  Select the account you want to merge to from the pop-up and click on Save.
  2. How do I move a contact from one account to another?
    Unfortunately, there is no direct way to do so.  You would first need to remove the contact you want to move, and then add it back to the account you want to move it to.
  3. There are several inactive accounts. How do  I hide them from appearing in account list and from contact selectors?
    All you need to do is put all these inactive accounts in a common group.  Then go to Settings->Manage Groups and hide the group with inactive accounts.
  4. Can I put an account in more than one group?
    Yes indeed.  However, if an account belongs to a hidden group in addition to some other group, it would still be hidden.



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