Starting Off with Simplifythis

It would not take you long to get a hang of  Simplifythis and get going. We recommend doing the following  few things to get a good overview of the application.

Add a Staff

Click on Staff tab and then click on the ‘+ Staff’ button on the black toolbar to add a staff. If you run a solo business, add yourself as a staff. If you add yourself and are using the same email address that you use to sign in to Simplifythis, please make sure that you do not select the ‘Allow Access’ option since you already have access as the account owner.

Add a Service/Item

Click on Items and Services tab and then click on the ‘+ Item’ button to add the services that you offer.  Enter name, duration of service, and price.  Select the option to show this service on booking page if you would like this service to show up on your website booking page.

If you happen to offer group appointments only (classes/lessons), you don’t need add a service. You can just add a class and create schedule for a class. Click here to learn more about it.

Add a Contact

Go to Contact tab and click on ‘+ Contact’ button to add a contact. More on contacts and accounts here. You can add more than one contact to an account.

Book an Appointment

Go to Appointment Book tab and double click on any hour marker.  This will open up the appointment booking form where you can select a client, service, and staff to book an appointment.

Add a Class and Book Clients

If you provide group lessons or teach classes, Go to Classes ->Class Setup and click on ‘+ Class’ to add a class.  Create a schedule for the class, and then book clients to the class by clicking on ‘Add Participant’ icon.

Bill Client for the Appointment

Now that you have booked an appointment, you can charge it to your client’s account and invoice your client for it.  To do so, just click on the appointment and select the option to ‘Charge It’.  Next, go to Contacts tab and click on the ‘Send Invoice’ icon next to this contact.  This will open up the invoice form and you’ll see the charge for the appointment. At this point, you can either apply the invoice to the clients’ account or send it over email. In either case, you would be able to view and print the invoice.

These 6 steps should not take you more than a couple of minutes each. Once you are thru with them, we recommend taking a look at the following articles to make the full use of Simplifythis for your business.

Managing schedules and hours

Enabling your website to take appointments

Understanding contacts and accounts

Integrating with Google calendar

Billing Clients

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