Integration with Google Calendar

Simplifythis provides bi-directional integration with Google calendar.  Using the Google calendar sync capability, the Simplifythis calendar of each staff can be synced with their Google calendar.  Follow these steps to enable sync for a staff:

  1. Go to Staff tab and select the staff whose calendar you want to sync.
  2. Click on the action icon and select the option to start sync with Google calendar.
  3. Select the first option : Authenticate with Google.
  4. You’ll see a list of all the calendars that this staff has.  Select the calendar you would want to sync with, and save.

From here on, Simplifythis will automatically create an event for all the new appointments that are created for this staff.  A few things to note about this integration:

1.  Appointments that were created before establishing sync will not sync with Google calendar.

2. All appointments created for this staff after establishing sync will also be created on Google calendar.

3. While showing availability of the staff to clients during booking process, Simplifythis will check with both Google calendar as well as Simplifythis calendar, and only show those slots that are available on both calendars.

4.  If you create an event directly on Google calendar, it will not show up on Simplifythis calendar. However, it will still block staff availability when a client looks for slots during the booking process.  In other words, a client will not be able to book an appointment for the time that is blocked on Google calendar.

5.  All events (including those marked as available) on your Google calendar will block your availability on Simplifythis.

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