Working with Schedules

1. Accessing Schedule

You can access main schedule by going to Appointment Book and then clicking on the ‘Edit Schedule’ button as shown below.  This will open up the schedule form where you can edit the main schedule for your business.

online appointment scheduling

Accessing main schedule

In this schedule form, you can modify the current schedule, or add a new schedule that will be effective in the future.

Remember- if you operate from only one location or all your staff have same hours, this is the only schedule you would need to manage. If, however, you need to modify schedule for a location, you can

2. Adding/Changing hours for a day

To change working hours for a day, click on ‘Edit’ next to the hours, change the start and end time and click on Save.  To add another block of hours for same weekday, click on Add button on the same form. Make sure that the new block of hours that you are adding does not overlap with the existing block.  Take a look at the image below to understand how to adjust hours for  a weekday.

Day Schedule

Day Schedule Form

Repeat this process to adjust hours for the remaining days  of the week.  Once you have taken care of hours for each day of the week, click on Save Schedule button to save the schedule.  If you are working with Staff schedule, you can also choose a location for these hours.

3. Other features of schedule

Effective Date If you are creating a schedule that will be effective in future, you can specify the schedule effective date.  Any schedule prior to this effective date will automatically end on this date and this schedule will become effective.

Schedule Name  You can give a friendly name to a schedule so that you can easily identify it.  For example, Fall 2011 or Winter 2011.

Schedule Repeatability  By default, a schedule repeats every week.  However, if your schedule repeats every 2 week or every 3 week, then you can add additional weeks to your schedule and specify hours for each week.

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