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SimplifyThis is our pursuit to conquer the complexity of overbearing business processes which should have become simple and efficient with the use of technology. We often meet small business owners such as plumbers, electricians, music teachers, math tutors or other professionals who cannot easily remind their customers of overdue balances or track which invoices they have already sent. Technology is yet to come into play for these businesses. We ourselves find the need for services that we are building. They come from common sense real life experiences, no esoteric ideas, no mystique. We often encounter complexity and inefficiency, especially when it comes to working with small businesses. We believe we can solve many of these problems and our simple solutions can also be used by many other small businesses.

Our Approach

We believe in creating simple, intuitive, and easy to use solutions for prevalent age-old business problems. We too are tired of feature burdened software products that try to be everything for everyone, and end up doing nothing for anyone. Laden with too many concepts, using such software becomes a new problem in-and-of itself. This frustration heavily influences our approach in designing our solutions.

"Simplicity is the soul of efficiency" - Austin Freeman, "The Eye of Osiris"

This quote is etched in our minds, our hearts, and our souls. Every decision that we make, we measure it with the yardstick of simplicity. We believe this is the only way to truly inject the efficiency and elegance of simplicity into running a business.

Design pundits often make a distinction between simplicity and ease. While being simple, our solutions need to be extremely easy to use. Ease of use of our solutions come from a user centric approach where our designs are centered around the way the businesses work. If someone is using an application, they just want to get a thing or two done instead of getting challenged with a myriad of choices for doing the same thing in different ways. Now compound these choices with new concepts to learn in order to use the application; very quickly you realize why there are so many tree hogging books for dummies, best practices guides, and training manuals floating around. Use of software does not have to be this hard! We have taken it upon ourselves to find the best way for a user to accomplish tasks within our solutions; no convoluted choices, no new concepts. We would mark our efforts to be failures if our solutions require users to learn new concepts just for the sake of using our applications. With these thoughts in mind, our goal is to bring simplicity to doing business, - one process at a time.

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