Now, empower them with an online scheduling and billing system for booking appointments, events, and classes, viewing their account, and paying you directly from your website. Simplifythis gives you the right tools to fill-up your calendar, reduce no-shows, and get paid on time.


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A diet plan for business tasks

As a dietitian and nutritionist running your small business, your job profile may often extend to scheduling client appointments, issuing invoices, and collecting payments. But if you're stuck doing all this, your real work may get neglected. That's why you have web scheduling software and other easy-to-use products from Simplifythis.

  • Make appointment scheduling easy for your clients and yourself
  • Impress clients with automated and transparent invoicing systems
  • Get paid faster by enabling online payments
  • Develop better relationships with clients by easily tracking client activities

Impress clients with a professional appointment scheduling

When potential clients visit your site and decide to book an appointment with you, present them with a professional way to do so with online appointment scheduling from Simplifythis. Not only will you get more conversions, you'll also save valuable time.

  • Easy to setup, easy to use appointment scheduling software, no training needed
  • Send personalized, automated appointment reminders to clients
  • Integrates with Google Calendar and iPhone - access your schedule from anywhere
  • Be on top of your schedule, easily manage appointments

Keep clients happy, Keep'm coming

Clients always appreciate it when they see that you take a personal interest in them, and have all the information about them on your fingertips. Simplifythis helps you stay informed about client history, and, thus develop lasting relationships with clients.

  • Easily record notes and discussions for future reference, including email exchanges
  • Easily access and view these notes client information while preparing for the appointment
  • Share client notes with other members in your practice
  • Stay on track with alerts for follow-ups and to-do items

Get paid faster - no nagging

You no longer need to spend time on manually invoicing clients, checking who still owes you, and so on. Invoicing and payment tracking system from Simplifythis offers automated invoicing with the convenience of secure online payments.

  • Automatically invoice clients at set periods
  • Let clients view and print invoices from their email
  • Let clients view their billing history and download invoices from your website
  • Get paid through PayPal or credit cards and automatically apply them to client account
Mobile Feature

Comprehensivebusiness management for nutritionists and dietitians

Delegate the entire process of scheduling appointments, invoicing, and payment collection to Simplifythis. It is really simple to use and can make managing your business a breeze!

  • Make scheduling, invoicing, and receiving payments a snap
  • Easy to setup and use, no training necessary
  • Free and responsive phone support
  • Access anywhere - from any computer or from your phone

Professional and efficient management


Automate management - minimize intervention

As your business grows, routine tasks like taking appointments, sending bills, and ensuring you're paid will take up a substantial part of your time. Let Simplifythis handle these tasks for you with easy to use business management application that automates much of the routine tasks.


Make better use of your time - save money

A no-show hurts you as well as your clients. With personalized and automated appointment reminders, your clients will keep their appointments. Result-reduced no-shows, increased revenues, and happy customers.


Fortune 500 professional - with your personal touch

Not only Simplifythis helps you manage your business more professionally, it also let's you put up an impression of a well managed business without compromising the personal touch of a small business. Keeps you happy, and your clients happier.

Access Anywhere

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The business app that you would love the most on your phone. Use Simplifythis from iPhone or Android powered phones.

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