Your clients love you

    Now, empower them with an online scheduling and billing system for booking appointments, events, and classes, viewing their account, and paying you directly from your website. Simplifythis gives you the right tools to fill-up your calendar, reduce no-shows, and get paid on time.


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Grow your business online

A web based scheduling software that not only helps you manage your time, but also grows your business by taking it online Convert your website visitors to clients - have them book appointments or signup for classes while they are on your site Fill-up your appointment book and classes over the internet


Reduce no-shows and missed appointments

A no-show is not only frustrating, it directly hits your income and your top line. Simplifythis scheduling software helps you reduce (and possibly eliminate) no-shows in the following 3 ways.

  • By sending booking confirmations and reminders over email
  • By requiring clients to make a pre-payment when scheduling appointments
  • By giving clients online capability to view upcoming appointments

Take a lead on your competitors

You already provide a high quality service. However, your customers also care for how professional and organized you are and how easy it is do business with you. Simplifythis sets you apart by:

  • Equipping your website with online scheduling and account management.
  • Enabling you to track complete client history and personal notes, so that you have all their information on your tips.
  • Keeping you more organized and on-top of your business.
Mobile Feature

Sell services in bundle - secure future business

Packages, bundles, class cards, 6 for 5, 11 for 10 - you get the picture. Always wanted to run such marketing programs, but did not know how to track them! With the powerful Packages feature, you can:

  • Create packages/bundles of services and sell them online
  • Create an assortment of plans with different type of services and classes
  • Allow clients to book appointments or classes using pre-purchased packages