Now, empower them with an online scheduling and billing system for booking appointments, events, and classes, viewing their account, and paying you directly from your website. Simplifythis gives you the right tools to fill-up your calendar, reduce no-shows, and get paid on time.


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Online appointment scheduling and billing for your teaching business

If scheduling appointments, billing your students, and tracking payments diverts you from your students and lesson plan, it is time to give Simplifythis a try. With online appointment scheduling, automated billing, and online payments, you'll put business management on autopilot - professional and efficient.

  • Freedom from phone - let students schedule appointments online
  • Send accurate invoices on time - without lifting a finger
  • Get paid quicker - take payments online
  • Keep track of past lessons and follow-up items

Fill-up your appointment book and classes/group sessions online

Do not lose prospects to a missed phone call. Offer online appointment scheduling. Not only will you get more conversions, you'll also save valuable time.

  • Easy to configure and use appointment scheduling software, no training needed
  • Reduce no shows - send automated email reminders to clients
  • Access anytime anywhere - integrates with cell phones (iPhone and Android) and Google Calendar
  • Repeat students with same schedule - use recurring appointments

Keep your current students, and gain some more

Keeping track of all interactions with your students helps you give personal attention to each student. Simplifythis lets you keep neatly organized notes and track email communications, all at one place and easily accessible.

  • Keep notes on all interactions - automatically pull in messages and attachments from email exchanges
  • Easily access entire student history while preparing for lessons
  • Alert yourself for follow-ups and to-do items

Simplify billing - timely invoices, faster payments

Are you spending more than a few minutes every month on billing and tracking payments? Put billing on auto pilot and twiddle your thumbs.

  • Send professional an accurate invoices without lifting a finger
  • Never miss a charge in your invoices - be it a regular lesson or a one off item
  • Take online payments - get paid faster
  • Track multiple students from a family in a single account
Mobile Feature

Simplify your teaching business - easy and efficient

Streamline the process of class enrollment, lesson booking, invoicing, and payment tracking. See how Simplifythis can help you manage and automate these tasks professionally - with minimal intervention.

  • Automate lesson and class scheduling, billing, and payment tracking
  • Intuitive and easy to setup and use, no training necessary
  • Always available (well.. almost) phone support
  • Use from any computer or from your phone

Manage your business with ease and efficiency


Focus on your lessons, not on mundane business tasks

As you get more student, necessary but mundane business tasks like taking lesson booking, sending bills, and ensuring you're paid will take up a large chunk of your time. Now you can rely on Simplifythis to automate and manage these tasks professionally and efficiently.


Reduce no shows - save time and money

No-shows are bad for you as well as your students. With timely appointment reminders, your students will not any confusion about timing and they will be more likely to make it to lessons.


Give your business a professional facelift

With Simplifythis, not only do you manage your business more efficiently, it also helps you carry an impression of a well managed business without compromising the personality of a small business.

iPhone and Android Apps

use iphone

Here is one more reason to love your phone - Now you can use Simplifythis from iPhone or Android powered phones.

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web based appointment scheduling software

See how online appointment scheduling and online invoicing can streamline management of your business.