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    Features that take the pain out of managing your appointments and billing. No need to work the phones to take and confirm appointments, or remind customers of payments. Simple and easy to use so that you can manage your small business efficiently and professionally.


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Flexible online scheduling that works for your business

The most flexible online appointment scheduler that can be configured for all kinds of schedules.

  • Daily, weekly and monthly views of calendar
  • Keep separate schedule for each staff
  • Multiple schedules with effective dates
  • Appointment in 10,15,20,30.....minutes increments
  • And many more.....

Easily bill for your services and take online payments.

You do need to get paid for the appointments. SimplifyThis comes with integrated features for billing, taking payments, and managing account balances. Why use and pay for two systems where one does the job!

  • Easily create and send customizable invoices over email
  • Take online payments using Stripe or Paypal
  • Track individual and family accounts with complete history
  • Automatically invoice your clients on weekly / monthly / quarterly(and more) cycles for all the recurring or one time charges
Mobile Feature

Manage your business from anywhere, anytime.

You can access SimplifyThis from your phones and tablets. Full feature apps are available for Anroid devices and iPhones.

SimplifyThis puts your office in your palm so that you are not tied to your computer. Check your schedule, book appointments, view clients details, and charge for your services - all from your iPhone or Android phones.

Booking for classes, courses, events and workshops

Do you offer group lessons or classes? SimplifyThis also provides capability to take online booking for classes, courses, events, and group lessons. You can create your class schedule, specify the size of classes and publish it online.

  • Clients can register (and pay) for classes online, you control the class size
  • Automatic reminders for upcoming classes
  • Flexible class scheduling - add sessions whenever you like
  • Easy tracking of attendance and no-shows  

Email confirmations and reminders

A gentle reminder goes a long way in ensuring that your clients show up for their appointments, on time. SimplifyThis automates the process of reminding your clients so that you don't have to work phones or type emails.

  • Automated appointment confirmation emails
  • 2 Reminder emails - you decide the frequencies
  • Customizable email template
  • Confirmation and reminder for classes
  • Send reminders for any booking with a single click
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Google Calendar

Sync with Google Calendar

In a connected world, your apps need to be connected as well. If you have been using Google calendar, SimplifyThis will easily sync with it. Since other calendar programs like iCal or Outlook sync with Google calendar, all your calendars will be in sync with each other.

  • Bi-directional sync with Google calendar
  • Real time update of event both ways
  • Synchronize with separate calendars for each staff

Booking and account management from your website

Add SimplifyThis widget for your clients directly to your website so that your clients can manage their account and bookings directly from your website.

  • View account history, download invoices, and make payments
  • View past and upcoming appointments
  • Cancel appointments, view their package purchase and usage history
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Secure self service account management for your clients

While it is always good to chat with your clients, wouldn't you prefer if they don't have to call you to ask for next appointment date, or how much they owe you etc. With SimplifyThis account management widget, they can just sign in to their account from your website and manage their account - just like they do for their cellphone accounts, perhaps more. They can securely sign in and:

  • View account history, download invoices, and make payments
  • View past and upcoming appointments
  • Cancel appointments, view their package purchase and usage history

Auto-bill your clients

SimplifyThis has got your billing covered. It can automatically send periodic invoices to your clients, like monthly tuition.

  • Select the frequency that you want: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or every fixed number of days.
  • Option to select the start date for auto-billing. Good for the cases when you need to invoice for a partial month.
  • Option to automatically include unbilled charges - allows you to include miscellaneous out of frequency charges in the same periodic invoice automatically.
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Online payments using credit cards or PayPal

Enable your clients to pay you online for invoices and bookings. The payments are automatically recorded to client accounts, making it easier to balance accounts.

  • Accept online payments using PayPal or credit cards (using Stripe or Authorize.Net gateway)
  • Automatically update client account and invoice status with online payments. No need to enter payment information separately.
  • Record and apply cash and check payments to client accounts.

Package your services and sell them together

The package feature allows you to put together a plan and package concepts to differentiate yourself. You can create an assortment of services or a plan.

  • A package can be made from an assortment of services or classes.
  • Set expiration date for packages - clients use the package before they expire.
  • Create seasonal packages with a sale end date
  • Easily track usage history by client
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