Now, empower them with an online scheduling and billing system for booking appointments, events, and classes, viewing their account, and paying you directly from your website. Simplifythis gives you the right tools to fill-up your calendar, reduce no-shows, and get paid on time.


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Polish-up your Massage Business

Simplifythis gives your massage business a professional makeover. Not only do you save time and become efficient, you make it much more convenient for your clients to interact with you. Using Simplifythis, you can:

  • Save time by taking appointments online
  • Reduce no-shows with automated reminders
  • Increase repeat customers by enriching client relationships
  • Get paid faster by offering online billing and payments

Put your website to use

OK, you have got yourself a nice website. Now what! With Simplifythis, you can put your website to use by offering the convenience of online appointment scheduling and account management to your clients and prospects.

  • Convert website visitors to confirmed bookings
  • Reduce no-shows by taking pre-payment on appointments
  • Let clients log-in to view their massage history and download past invoices
  • Regular clients: book recurring appointments with automated reminders

It is all about your clients

A large part of your business is developing a lasting relationship with your clients to ensure they always come back to you. Simplifythis helps you improve your relationships with your clients by:

  • Providing quick visibility into their visit history and past services
  • Ability to take and view notes on the fly
  • Mark issues that require a follow-up, along with a due date
  • Customizable email reminders for upcoming appointments

Get paid faster with email invoices

Do you have regular clients who need to be billed monthly or weekly? Do some of the clients ask for invoices for insurance purposes? With Simplifythis integrated billing, you can:

  • Bill appointments with a single click
  • Automatically bill your clients monthly or weekly
  • Send invoices over email or print them off
  • Allow clients to view and download past invoices by themselves
  • Take online payments using credit cards or Paypal
Mobile Feature

A Comprehensive Massage Business Management Application

Running a business all by yourself often means seemingly routine and boring tasks like taking appointments, sending invoices, reminding clients etc. can fall through the cracks. Don't worry. Simplifythis has got you covered.

  • Automate or simplify routine tasks like scheduling, appointment reminders, billing and payments
  • Very intuitive and easy to use - no training needed
  • Free and responsive phone support

Grow your massage business

While providing convenience for your clients and yourself


Get more clients

Convert website visits to confirmed bookings. With web appointment scheduling, your visitors and existing clients will be able to book appointments and even pay for them directly from your website. More convenience to your clients - more business to you.


Save time and money

Make it easier for yourself to manage your massage practice. With Simplifythis online appointment scheduling and online invoicing capabilities, you'll reduce no-shows, get paid faster, and be in control of your business all the time. Less time spent on administrative tasks - more money and time for yourself.


Boost your professional image

A professional practice is an efficient business. Be a part of the online lifestyle of your clients. Offer the capability to book online appointments and account management to your clients. They'll appreciate the convenience and your professional image will go up a few notches.

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"When I looked at online appointment calendars, none of the applications had the features I needed at a price point I could handle, except for Simplifythis." Read Testimonial >

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