Now, empower them with an online scheduling and billing system for booking appointments, events, and classes, viewing their account, and paying you directly from your website. Simplifythis gives you the right tools to fill-up your calendar, reduce no-shows, and get paid on time.


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Tone up your yoga practice

You want to be helping your clients tone up and bust stress in your yoga studio. Spending time on routine administrative tasks like booking appointments or billing can take you away from your core business. Let SimplifyThis help your yoga practice grow faster by:

  • Hassle-free appointment booking from your website
  • Doing away with no-shows - sending automated appointment reminders
  • Automating invoicing and payment collection
  • Stay on top of client activities and enrich relationship

Make your website work

So, you have spent a lot of time and money in doing up your site. SimplifyThis can now make it work for you by automating the booking process for clients and giving your site that professional aura.

  • Convert more visitors to clients by providing online booking and registration
  • Reduce no-shows by taking advance payments on appointments
  • Send reminders to clients about appointments
  • Allow clients to log in and access their account history with you

Get your clients to stay with you

SimplifyThis makes it easy to keep a tab on client history and the discussions you've had with them. Clients like it too when they see that you're interested and you care.

  • Easily record and track information about past discussions, notes, even email conversations - all at one place
  • Easily search and view client history and important information - be better prepared for your appointment
  • Know when to follow-up with a client with to-do items
  • Schedule e-mail reminders for regular clients

Your new billing manager

Is a significant part of your time going in checking which of your client's needs to be billed, who among them have paid you and who haven't? With SimplifyThis, you can now delegate all your invoicing and payment collection to an automated process and concentrate on your practice instead!

  • See what each client owes you - with a quick glance
  • Schedule sending of weekly or monthly invoices to clients
  • Let clients view their billing history and download invoices
  • Get payments easily with PayPal and credit card payment options
Mobile Feature

Streamline your yoga business

Mundane and repetitive tasks like booking appointments, sending invoices, can often distract you from what you really love to do: helping clients with yoga. SimplifyThis understands the dilemmas of small businesses and provides applications to professionally manage routine tasks.

  • Make scheduling, invoicing, and receiving payments easy
  • Easy to implement applications, no training necessary
  • Round-the-clock availability of free support over the phone
  • Always accessible - from any computer or from your phone

Professionally manage your yoga studio


Get more clients with easy scheduling

Many a time, visitors to your site may be looking for a quick and easy way to book a training session at your yoga studio, without having to go through the hassle of calling someone up. Let clients book appointments with you easily and make faster conversation.


Focus on yoga, nothing else

As your yoga studio grows, it'll be increasing time-consuming to manage appointment books, work phones for reminders, or type invoices. Automate scheduling, invoicing, and payments and get more time learning about new poses and concentrating on your clients.


Create a professional image

You don't want to go running for your appointment book the next time a client calls to make an appointment. Don't have your clients call to book visits at all, instead use your website to make instant conversions. This way, even though yours may be a small business, you put out the image of a professional and well-managed yoga studio.

Access Anywhere

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