Now, empower them with an online scheduling and billing system for booking appointments, events, and classes, viewing their account, and paying you directly from your website. Simplifythis gives you the right tools to fill-up your calendar, reduce no-shows, and get paid on time.


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Make your business leaner

While you are helping your clients get in shape, why not take the weight of mundane administrative tasks like scheduling appointments or billing off your shoulders. Simplifythis helps personal trainers and fitness studios become more efficient and professional by:

  • Online appointment booking over internet
  • Sending automated appointment reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Automatically sending professional invoices and taking online payments
  • Tracking all activities to build better client relationships

Get a payback from your website

Is your swanky nice website filling up your appointment book? Simplifythis appointment booking plugs right in to your website, giving it a professional touch-up while providing visitors the convenience of booking online-filling up your account books.

  • Convert website visitors to confirmed bookings
  • Reduce no-shows by taking pre-payment on appointments
  • Let clients log-in to view their massage history and download past invoices
  • Regular clients: book recurring appointments with automated reminders

Enrich connection with your clients

Knowing your client history, what you discussed, and what you needed to follow-up on makes a huge difference in keeping your clients happy. They know that you care about them and take personal interest in them. Simplifythis keeps you prepared for your client appointments by:

  • Keeping track of past communications, session notes, and services
  • providing quick visibility into client notes, account history
  • Alerting you of follow-ups and to-do items
  • Sharing notes with other trainers and gym staff

Automate billing and payments

Are you spending any time at all in keeping track of what your clients owe you, who has paid and who has not? You don't need to anymore with Simplifythis online billing. It will make billing and payment tracking completely hassle free.

  • Track charges for your appointments when you see your clients - directly from your phone
  • Automatically send online invoices to your clients monthly or weekly
  • Let clients track and download past bills securely
  • Taking online payments (PayPal and credit cards) and automatically applying them to client account
Mobile Feature

A comprehensive online solution for personal training professionals

Simplifythis makes it easy to take care of routine activities like appointment booking, reminding clients, billing etc., freeing up your time to see more clients. Wow your clients with your efficiency, professionalism, and personal attention.

  • Automate or simplify routine tasks like scheduling, appointment reminders, billing and payments
  • Available anytime anywhere - from phone or web
  • Very intuitive and easy to use - no training needed
  • Free and responsive phone support

Grow your personal training business


Get more clients, keep them longer

With Simplifythis, not only do you get more bookings by opening up your appointment book to the web, your existing clients will also stick with you longer. Keeping the history of each client on your fingertips, you will be better prepared for your appointments.


Automate administrative tasks - gain efficiency

Focus on keeping your clients happy and growing your business. With Simplifythis online appointment scheduling, billing, and payment tracking capabilities, you'll reduce no-shows, get paid faster, and be in control of your business all the time. Less time spent on administrative tasks of business - more attention to your clients and your business.


Kick up your professional image a notch

You don't want to go running for your appointment book the next time a client calls to make an appointment. Don't have your clients call to book visits at all, instead use your website to make instant conversions. This way, even though yours may be a small business, you put out the image of a professional and well-managed yoga studio.

Access Anywhere

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The business app that you would love the most on your phone. Use Simplifythis from iPhone or Android powered phones.

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See how Simplifythis online scheduling software and online invoicing can connect you with customers and help manage your business.